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And society wants to know its heroes! Who are these professionals from God?

Who will without a hitch draw the most complicated logistics through any of the African countries, or preferably several at once... using private boards, jeeps, rubber boats, ox carts, scooters and monowheels!

Who, when greeting her husband, says “Jumbo”! For whom the thin-legged Maasai fly upwards, about whom the African quail sing, whose initials it is high time to emboss in gold on the Table Mountain?

And we will answer you proudly that this month not one, but two stars have lit up the African sky. Just as it's impossible to decide whether a pure diamond or a unique tanzanite is more beautiful, we couldn't decide between two great pros - Elena Khokhlova from Eurobiznestour and Daria Mikhailushkina from Lux Tour.

Ker&Downey Africa congratulates its heroines, sings hosanna to them and gives memorable gifts. And Irina Jordan, Director of the Russian language department of the company, is waiting for your requests to
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