They are not flying alone, but with a cheerful group of agents. After all, it's not enough to see and admire! You have to show the world too!

Qatar airways flights will carefully carry our travelers to the airport of Kilimanjaro, where they will be picked up by the reliable hands of the organizers and sent to rest and drink welcome champagne at the villa Hamerkop network Lemala. There the incredible journey will begin!

Ahead of the group is Tarangire Game Reserve and a stop at Mpingo Ridge Lodge with incredible views of the park. We can already imagine how with the first rays of the sun our lucky guests will go out on the veranda and with a cup of coffee in their hands and a goofy smile of happiness on their faces will look at the brooding elephants wandering among the huge baobabs.

Then past Lake Manyara, they'll move towards the marvelous Ngorongoro. And, of course, at some point we will see them standing with open mouths on the edge of the crater looking down... where thousands of animals roam. Ah! That's all our travelers can say. Well, what else can you say if Ngorongoro is a wonder of wonders!

Then the south of the Serengeti, Ndutu, awaits them. That's where the Great Migration is now taking place. Hundreds of thousands of gnu antelopes simultaneously give birth to hundreds of thousands of children... And these antelope-babies fall to the ground - wet, frightened, dazed, to jump up and run in 15 seconds. There's no time to lie around! There are predators lurking around, just waiting for you to hesitate.

Well, at the end of the trip we stop at the famous Nanyukie Lodge in the central Serengeti. The safaris there are always excellent! And we haven't even told you that we're going to take a hot air balloon ride to the Serengeti. As if the travel industry wasn't already in tears and cursing us with every possible word.

What can I say... we're bastards, we're selfish, we're shameless! Here! Read the Lemala Lodge programs, explore magical Tanzania, sell tours... and next time you will be in our shoes! Honestly!!!
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