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And the end of April can be warm and sunny, so much so that the gullible and naive at some point may believe that summer has arrived. Let's go to the dacha to grill kebabs, take walks, breathing in the aromas of young greenery, sit on open terraces, laugh on the river bank, having come for a picnic.
Come to your senses! It's not gonna happen! On your terrace the icy wind will drive back and forth last year's fall leaves! The tulip that has just emerged will weep, lamenting: why did I come out? Oh, woe is me!

So, friends, away from here! May holidays - time to run! And so that only your heels would be shining! Where to? And you ask where to? To the divine Sri Lanka, of course! Direct flight, visa online or at the border, Resplendent hotels - fantastic, weather - fabulous.

We visited Sri Lanka for the first time in May and fell in love forever. Aha, now they will offer us their “Tea - Sea - Safari” tour again, - you thought and... you guessed wrong! We have three options for you:

  • 9-night Sri Lanka Culture and Heritage tour with included excursions.
  • A 7-night “Coastal Vacation” tour at Ahu Bay and Kayaam House resorts.
  • And of course, our classic Tea, Sea and Safari tour for 7 and 10 nights
Friends, there is nothing better than these itineraries. A wonderful and unforgettable Sri Lanka awaits you, filled with sunshine, ocean spray and exotic flavors of hibiscus and frangipani. Book now - places are still available!
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